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2017 Annual General Meeting of ITCO Ltd – Munich, 8 May 2017

The Annual General Meeting of ITCO Ltd took place in Munich on Monday 8 May 2017. The ITCO Secretary gave a report on ITCO’s projects and events in 2016, together with a financial statement for the year.
The President reported to Members on the status on merger of ITCO and @TCO, which would take place from 1 January 2018.

Special Resolution: New ITCO Articles of Association

The AGM also included a vote on the Special Resolution which was proposed, and voted on, to replace the existing ITCO Articles of Association with a new version. The Secretary confirmed that the proposed new version of the Articles had been prepared by a UK firm of solicitors and approved by the ITCO Board. At the AGM, the Secretary explained the reason for the proposed new Articles, highlighting a number of key points. A PDF of the presentation made by the Secretary at the AGM is on the ITCO Website.

ITCO has 173 Members, with a quorum for the Meeting of one-third of the membership required to participate – either by being present at the Meeting, or voting by proxy – so the quorum is 58. A total of 25 votes had been received by proxy, and with 41 companies attending the meeting, so the quorum requirement was met. The result of the vote was 56 votes in favour of the introduction of the new Articles and 9 votes against, with one abstention, so the 75% vote was achieved and the new Articles have now been adopted. The Articles have been submitted to UK Companies House and are available on the ITCO website together with a set of Rules about the day-to-day management of ITCO

  1. Download a PDF of the Presentation made by the Secretary at the AGM [members only]
  2. Download a PDF of the Minutes of the 2017 AGM Meeting [members only]
  3. Download the proposed new Version of the Articles of Association [members only]
  4. Download the ITCO Rules, which explain how the Organisation is managed [members only]