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Corporate Responsibility 2017-10-03T21:16:47+00:00

Corporate Responsibility

ITCO corporate responsability survey
ITCO Corporate Code of Pratice

In the tank container industry Health, Quality, Safety, Environment (HQSE) are in the centre of Corporate Responsibility (CR).

ITCO members are committed to HQSE and prove this through various demanding audits and certificates – such as SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment) and DIN ISO 9000ff.

Tank containers offer obvious Corporate Responsibility benefits: they are reusable, recyclable and resistant to product wastage. And then there are less-obvious advantages. Nearly all of an ISO tank’s environmental impact happens not during its manufacture, cleaning or disposal, but during its actual usage; for example it is not just economically efficient, but environmentally efficient as well.

This efficiency which reduces deadhead journeys and maximises use of water and rail connections pays its benefits in the form of a lower carbon footprint.

In other areas of Corporate Responsibility, such as being economical, locally, and ethically/legally responsible, the tank container industry is driving a lot of different initiatives and efforts that are partially tailor-made to the respective business, region or single company.

Many ITCO members are joining programmes, such as Responsible Care and Nicer Globe as well. However, beyond those formalized programs there are a lot of small and medium sized – often family-owned – companies in the tank container industry that are known for taking the responsibility as entrepreneurs very seriously and therefore taking care of good CR without necessarily calling it CR; for them it is just what responsible companies have to do.