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ITCO General Meeting

Steigenberger Hof Hotel Frankfurt – 20 & 21 October 2014

A total of 155 delegates attended this year’s ITCO General Meeting in Frankfurt on 20 and 21 October, with a wide range of topics discussed in both the plenary and the break-out sessions.

The two keynote presentations focused on key trends and issues in the chemical industry and their impact on the logistics sector.

Trends in the Chemical Industry

Trends in the Chemical Industry, presented by Dr Tobias Lewe, Partner, AT Kearney, focused on market growth in the chemical industry.

He explained how key drivers across the value chain are shaping the future global environment for the chemical industry, reviewing how the new feedstock landscape is changing global pricing dynamics and regional investment decisions.

In his geographical picture, he stated that it is very likely that China will become a net exporter of key chemicals – but the question remains when exactly this will happen. He also looked at how shale gas is gaining importance with reserves well distributed all over the world.

His presentation concluded with a forecast on how these changes are affecting the logistics supply chain – underlining the fact that “value chain partnerships are the new mantra for growth with major opportunities.”

Members may download this presentation

Corporate Responsibility in the Chemical Industry

The second keynote presentation was from Gabriele Willenbrinck, Head of Processes & Quality, Global Procurement & Logistic, LANXESS Deutschland GmbH.

The presentation focused on Corporate Responsibility in the Chemical Industry – and the impact on supply chain and sourcing. It also gave details the “Together for Sustainability” initiative, established by a number of major chemical companies.

The purpose of the TfS Initiative is to develop and implement a global audit program to assess and improve sustainability practices within the supply chains of the Chemical Industry.

Members may download these presentations

For the break-out session, there were five different groups:

  • Regulations and Technical Issues
  • Corporate Responsibility Meets Communications
  • Global Assessment System for Tank Container Depots (this session also reviewed future changes in the ITCO structure)
  • Developing standards for Tank Container Asset Management Tracking – the North American Rail Freight Experience
  • Corporate Governance in the Tank Container Industry