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Investments In The Industry 2017-10-03T21:16:48+00:00

Investments In The Industry

Tank containers are a crucial and stable part of the growing industrial supply chain.

The tank container industry links demand and supply of bulk liquids, gases and powders worldwide, supporting local and global sustainable growth.
It serves in particular the chemical, food grade and pharmaceutical industry, in need of a flexible, cost-efficient, safe and responsible means of transport that reaches any place around the globe.

444,220 tank containers: ITCO Survey reveals 12.6 percent growth.

Based on detailed research of tank container operators, leasing companies and other owners, the Survey provides a qualified estimate that there are some 444,220 tank containers presently in operation worldwide; this January 2015 figure, represents an increase of 12.6 percent compared to January 2014. A total of 48,200 tank container were manufactured in 2014 (up from 42,600 in 2013, and 39,700 in the previous year).

Investors interested in tanks invest in stainless steel tank containers and with this in hard assets that have an average life time of around 20 years until it goes through a well thought through scrapping process. A strong fleet utilization as well as good insurance packages and contingency debtor can enable robust returns for investors.

For more information on the investment opportunities, please turn to our lessors and operators.