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Rotterdam 2016 2017-10-03T21:16:46+00:00

European Regional Meeting

A total of 120 participants attended the ITCO Regional Meeting, which took place in Rotterdam on Tuesday 18 October 2016.

The focus of the meeting was on efficiency and infrastructure, and how this relates to European chemical distribution and tank container issues.

The following presentations were made, ITCO Members may download them (click on the presentation title after identification in the footer of this page).


Port of Rotterdam
Matthijs van Doorn, Director Logistics

We shape the future of intermodal transport
Dr. Alberto Grisone
Director Business Unit Shuttle Net East & Far East

SOLAS ‘Verified Gross Mass’ Three months in….
Mike Yarwood, Senior Loss Prevention Executive
TT Club

ITCO Tank Container e-Learning
The objective of the course is to promote professionalism and safe practice within industry by the advancement of knowledge.

Technical Session
Regulations and standards

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