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Technology & Innovation 2017-10-03T21:16:47+00:00

Technology & Innovation

ITCO code of practice cover

Technology and innovation

The tank container industry is on the one hand an asset driven industry, in that companies have a strong focus on all technical issues of designing, manufacturing and maintaining high quality tank containers with all its components, from the frame to the coating.

This also covers clear and cohesive definitions of the condition a tank container has to be in as well as transparent processes & procedures but also roles & responsibilities to maintain this condition in an efficient way; see for example the ITCO Guidelines of Client – Depot Management.

On the other hand the industry puts a lot of efforts into minimizing the risks associated with working at tank containers.

ITCO is very much involved into standard setting and guidelines that make sure that all people involved in loading, discharge, storage, cleaning, repair, shipping / rail terminal operations can work safely at tank containers.

The ITCO focus in technology & innovation is the safety and environmental aspect. The industry as a whole goes considerably beyond this, when for example providing tank containers tailor made to the goods transported in the tank, improving safety features or further enhancing the “cradle-to-cradle” principle for tank containers.

Going beyond mere tank container technology, the industry is also always looking for service innovations, often driven by modern information and communication technology, such as tracking systems to improve the efficiency and transparency of transports.