Over 80 Students attend successful 2nd ITCO Tank Container Awareness Day in Rotterdam

Over 80 Students from Rotterdam’s Scheepvaart & Transport College (Shipping & Transport College) attended the 2nd ITCO “Tank Container Awareness Day” on 7 September 2023. 

The aim of the meeting was to give students who are beginning their 4th year at the STC a chance both to learn about the opportunities for working in the tank container industry, and to discuss possible internships – which they will need to arrange for early next year.

The day began with a welcome by ITCO President Reg Lee, who gave the background to the way that the industry started and grew.

Stc Rotterdam 01

ITCO Reg Lee explained the history and development of the tank container business to the students

Following the introduction by Reg Lee,  ITCO Secretary Patrick Hicks gave details about the tank container industry and the activities of the organisation.

Stc Rotterdam 02

ITCO Secretary Patrick Hicks reported on the structure and growth of the tank container industry and explained the work of the Organisation

Students then divided into five groups, and attended four different classroom sessions during the course of the day, while also having the opportunity to inspect the Demonstration Tank, generously provided by Den Hartogh.

Stc Rotterdam 03

The STC Students inspected the Den Hartogh demonstration tank, in the STC’s training yard.

Stc Rotterdam 04

Bob Kloppenburg, Den Hartogh’s Recruitment & Employer Branding Specialist, showed the students both the inside and exterior features of the tank

Stc Rotterdam 05

Hoyer’s Jasper van Oosten and Roderick Bergwerf explained to the students the work of the tank container operator – and introduced an interactive quiz into their presentation, to check how much the students were learning

Stc Rotterdam 06

Opportunities in the tank operating sector were explained by Anouk van Strien, Operations and Account Management, Den Hartogh

Stc Rotterdam 07

The role of tank depot procedures, job possibilities and safety in depots was presented by Dennis Verduyn Global Depots Director, Stolt Tank Containers

Stc Rotterdam 08

Barry Mol, General Manager Bertschi B.V. details of the company’s intermodal network – and explained how the rail transportation business operated

In addition to the Tank Container Awareness day, the students will also be taking the ITCO E-learning course, as part of their 4th year programme.

Concluding the event, ITCO took the opportunity to thank the speakers from Den Hartogh, Bertschi, Hoyer and Stolt, together with Tamara Sebus-Smits from STC, who arranged the course – and Paul Pigmans and Jarno Weps (Exsif) who co-ordinated arrangements on behalf of ITCO.  Plans are already in place to continue this programme next year.

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